A new Nokia Windows 8 tablet

Nokia Windows 8 1
Nokia Windows 8 1

For this year’s fourth quarter Nokia prepared us a surprise – a Windows 8 based tablet. And we can expect to get the best as long as their latest devices were something different than we have seen before. It’s more than enough to remind you about its PureView smartphone which features a 41-megapixel camera sensor, so you’ll know what are we talking about.

Nokia Windows 8

Let’s go back to this Nokia Windows 8 based tablet and see how things really are. Most of its technical details are a mystery at this point, but we can tell you for sure that it features a 10-inch touchscreen display and it also packs a dual-core Qualcomm MSM8960 processor which is certainly much faster than any Tegra 3 based tablet.

And it seems that Nokia Windows 8 is going to feature Nokia Maps, Nokia Drive, Nokia Music and Mix Radio too. In terms of pricing we can’t actually give you any predictions as long as Nokia has various products in different sectors – the Lumia 900 model for example which isn’t at all affordable, the medium sector with models such us Lumia 710 or even low budget versions – Lumia 610.

Nokia Windows 8 Nokia Windows 8 Nokia Windows 8