Alienware M18X R2 – first hardware details

Alienware M18X R2 1
Alienware M18X R2 1

Alienware M18X R2 is not yet official, but we have plenty of details for you about this product. Thanks to a leak, we can tell you about some of the most important hardware elements – in the first place Alienware M18X R2 is powered by 3rd-gen Core (Ivy Bridge) processors.

Alienware M18X R2

And you get 3 different quad core choices accessible: the Core i7-3610QM (with Turbo Boost), the second one – Core i7-3720QM (with Turbo Increase) and the last model -Core i7-3820QM (with Turbo Enhance). Featuring an 18.4-inch (1920 x 1080) LED-backlit display, Alienware M18X R2 also offers 8 GB of RAM, up to a 750 GB (7200 RPM) hard drive, not to mention the solid state drive with a capacity of up to no less than 512 GB.

What we know so far for sure is that this model also offers a Wireless HD card (optional), but it is way too soon to be talking about other connectivity options or its battery life. And you actually get to choose between two color options- red and black, so we’ll be back with more details about Alienware M18X R2.

Alienware M18X R2 Alienware M18X R2 Alienware M18X R2