Asus N56VM coms with two configurations

Asus N56VM 5
Asus N56VM 5

Asus N56VM is a new laptop promised for Europe, Asia and later North America. With two configurations for $1199 or $1299, this model is ready to make a difference, so let’s see if it is able to capture your interest.

Asus N56VM

Its 1,920 by 1,080 resolution display is bright and clear, offering you those vivid colors that you’re probably looking for. But the best part about Asus N56VM is that it is powered by a Core i7-3720QM, a 2.6GHz quad-core, eight-thread processor, including no less than 6MB too. And you also get the CPU’s new Intel HD Graphics 4000 integrated graphics and the Nvidia GeForce GT 630M.

Its battery – a removable 56Wh battery model is able to last up to 5 hours 21 minutes per charge; as for its connectivity features, Asus N56VM is prepared to offer some general elements that we all know so well: Ethernet port, two USB 3.0 ports, an SD/MMC memory card slot, VGA and HDMI ports, or audio jack.

Asus N56VM Asus N56VM Asus N56VM