ASUS TF101A1 – features and pictures

ASUS TF101A1 1
ASUS TF101A1 1

ASUS TF101A1 is the subject of our discussion today, a tablet that has a price starting from $449.00 and plenty of features for its potential clients. So if you’re looking for such sort of a device that’s the perfect moment to take a look at its main advantages.


Let’s start by telling you the fact that this ASUS TF101A1 tablet is powered by an NVIDIA Tegra 2 mobile processor and it sports a 0.1-inch IPS capacitive multi-touch display having a maximum resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels. The front and rear cameras (having 1.2 MP and 5 MP) which are here included can offer you the videos and photos that you are dreaming of. And even more, ASUS TF101A1 gives you the possibility to use the Mini HDMI port to see them all on compatible HDTVs or other external displays.

And you should also know take in consideration the possibility of using an optional docking station that can easily turn your tablet into PC mode by simply adding a QWERTY keyboard. And the best news is that it also extends the battery life up to no less than 16 hours, while the original Lithium Polymer battery is perfectly capable to provide up to 9.5 hours per charge. So this ASUS TF101A1 model, priced at no more than $250 is a great deal.