Gigabyte S1081 S1081-CF2, a pocket-friendly design

Gigabyte S1081 S1081 CF2 2
Gigabyte S1081 S1081 CF2 2

Gigabyte S1081 S1081-CF2 is our subject for today, the latest generation 10.1-inch Gigabyte tablet which captures all our interest thanks to its included features. And be sure that there are plenty of advantages waiting for you.

Gigabyte S1081 S1081-CF2

In the first place you should know that we are talking about a portable model which comes with a weight of only 1.7 pounds, also measuring no more than 10.63 x 6.81 x 0.59 inches. So this model Gigabyte S1081 S1081-CF2 is exactly what you need for your trips thanks to its pocket-friendly design. This model also gets its power from the latest Intel Atom dual-core processor model which features a low-power design.

And its display is bright and crisp, with a maximum resolution of no less than 1024 x 600 pixels. Are you still thinking about a notebook like experience? Gigabyte S1081 S1081-CF2 won’t disappoint at this aspect either. All you have to do is using the keyboard which simply attaches to the S1081 by USB cable. So be sure that the stand makes everything much easier than before when it comes to watching movies or surfing the internet.

Gigabyte S1081 S1081-CF2 Gigabyte S1081 S1081-CF2Gigabyte S1081 S1081-CF2