Lenovo NWK3QGE – a sturdy construction and a beautiful design

Lenovo NWK3QGE 5
Lenovo NWK3QGE 5

Lenovo NWK3QGE is available for 1800 Euros. Is this the fair price? Its technical features will tell all about that. Let’s begin by presenting you some of the connectivity features provided by this ultraportable laptop model: we are talking about USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports, LAN jack, a DisplayPort, a HDMI port, or a VGA port.

Lenovo NWK3QGE

And things are good too if we are referring to its WXGA panel which comes with a maximum resolution of no less than 1366×768 pixels. Or about the performance provided by this Lenovo NWK3QGE laptop thanks to its Intel Core i5-2520M CPU model with 4GB of 1033MHz DDR3 RAM, as well as an Intel HD Graphics 3000 integrated GPU.

But the battery life is disappointing – no more than 3 hours 20 minutes per single charge and you must forget too about the possibility of having an anti-glare screen too. But let’s say that these aspects can be accepted as long as Lenovo NWK3QGE actually comes with a sturdy construction and a beautiful design measuring no more than 21.3 x 337 x 231 mm with a balanced weight of 1.75 kg.

Lenovo NWK3QGE Lenovo NWK3QGE Lenovo NWK3QGE